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Business Intelligence and Personal Development Group (BI-PD) is an non-profit organisation, which was created to guide, teach, develop and support their members to become more successful on all the aspects of their life !

We aim to provide the skills and the knowledge on how to become a better person, how to cope with life problems, how to start a business, how to and way's to make money, how to be a good leader, how to think like a successful person, how to make more friends and become more sociable, how to make new business contacts, how to obtain funding for your idea, how to speak in order to make an impact, how to manage time, how to find a business or love partner and what to do to have a happy relationship, how to be a great seller and all the other things which school doesn't teach you !

In order to achieve all this, our organisation will hold seminars and workshops with experienced people who have the knowledge or the life experience in different sectors, and they will talk and teach you "how to" from their own experience !

For example, our meetings will comprise of:

  • Psychologists to talk about relationships / life / and any other psychological related topics.

  • Doctors from different medical sectors, to talk about health and other medical related problems !
  •  Successful salesman's and marketing experts, to talk about sales / marketing and way’s to increase productivity.
  • Life coaches to guide you into achieving your goals.
  • Executive coaches to guide you with your start up, or to guide you into starting one.
  • Learning and developing social skills e.g.
  • Friendliness, leadership, good communications skills, the ability to listen, not interrupting, not taking over the conversation, allowing others to join in, having an open mind, politeness, assertiveness, not dominating, not aggressive, not passive either; a good attitude, feeling calm and at ease, non-angry, not bitter or resentful, not verbally or psychologically abusive, articulate, respectful.
  • Learning, practicing and developing public speaking.
  • Workshops to increase self-esteem and confidence.
  • Learn how to read and use in you'r benefit the body language.
  • Seminars about time and stress management.
  • Learn and develop new and existing parental skills.
  • Make new friends, business contacts and expand your social group.
  • Receive up to 80% discount on hiring an executive / life coach.

Our organisation is non profit and self-funded !

That means that all of the organisers are doing this for free, however, being self-funded, we rely on you'r membership fee, donations / sponsorships and future government grants to pay for the organisation's expenses (e.g. renting a place for our meetings).

The value of the skills and the knowledge that our members are getting, is priceless ! Life doesn’t come with instructions, that’s why we're here !

We understand that not everyone has the time or the possibility to attend in person at our meetings, that’s why, once you become a member, you will get access to all our recorded or live events videos, so if you can't attend in person, you will still be able to get the value from our organisation !

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Address: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX

Phone: 07480707717


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